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jvandesteeg -> Pap (11/16/2012 10:40:38 AM)

Bit sad.. not even a hard pap-puzzle this week? I've missed the very hard ones more often, but now.. Oh well, I'll just play an old one :)

ameeramstead -> RE: Pap (11/16/2012 5:43:22 PM)

I was really disappointed when I logged in too. I don't want to waste my credits on a puzzle that isn't a challenge. Please keep at least one medium-plus or higher puzzle every week! I look forward to new puzzle day all week long, but I guess I'm out of luck this week. :(

natalias -> RE: Pap (11/18/2012 2:30:06 PM)


Next week we'll have one Medium plus and two Hard (one of them Mega) on the My Pic-a-Pix channel.

All the best,

Natalia Shrira

Conceptis team

ameeramstead -> RE: Pap (11/18/2012 10:31:47 PM)

Woo hoo!!! :D

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