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jclarke -> Skyscrapers (10/26/2012 5:43:15 PM)

I have read the rules and watched the tutorial, and I cannot even begin to understand how this game is played.

lied_ohne_worte -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/27/2012 5:20:09 AM)

Me neither. I'm not even sure what the "skyscrapers" are supposed to be.

z287marc -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/27/2012 4:22:44 PM)

Think of the game grid as being city blocks as viewed from an airplane or satellite. The numbers indicate the height of the buildings. (1 = low rise, 3 = mid rise, 5 = high rise) The numbers outside the grid indicate the number of buildings you can see from that location. The following examples are for a 5 x 5 grid:

5 > 1 2 3 4 5
3 > 3 2 4 1 5 OR 3 1 4 2 5 OR 3 4 5 1 2 OR 3 4 5 2 1 etc.
2 > 4 5 1 2 3 OR 4 2 3 5 1 OR 4 1 2 3 5 etc.
1 > 5 * * * * where * is any building
Note that the shorter buildings are 'hidden' from view.

Gatsbi -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/27/2012 9:17:06 PM)

The way I finally got it and how I work the puzzle is to think of it as a 3-dimensional puzzle and the grid only shows the top size. It's a spatial intelligence type puzzle.

Gatsbi -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/27/2012 9:20:56 PM)

And I think of the numbers as the number of cubes stacked on top of each other at each point.

Then the number on the side is how many columns of cubes you would see in each row if you were looking at the 3-D puzzle from that side.

I think it would help if the instructions and tutorial included some sort of concept-art to show the puzzle from the top and the sides.

frozenblueberry -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/28/2012 4:22:33 AM)

Thanks so much everyone!
Knowing that I am viewing the skyscrapers from above makes it all clear :)

lied_ohne_worte -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/28/2012 9:47:08 AM)

Oh yes. The top view was what I would have needed in the explanation as well - I thought the number were floor numbers, and I couldn't see that work at all. Perhaps the explanation could be edited to include this?

dave -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/28/2012 10:02:34 PM)

Hi Guys

Thank you all for this discussion. We'll soon add a 3D image which we think will help better understand the rules.

Thanks, Dave

tdh777 -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/30/2012 2:03:57 PM)

I'm glad someone worked out that it was 3d viewed from for the current explanation, rules and demo, sorry but it's awful WITHOUT THAT CRITICAL BIT OF INFORMATION  [:'(][:'(]

Personally I would think you need some sort of 3d viewer (ie the ability to rotate the view) and have the "buildings" show ..otherwise to get any sort of appreciation of them as being "skyscrapers" is pretty fanciful methinks...

Don't get me wrong, I love conceptis puzzles, but this "skyscrapers" strikes me as something where someone at Conceptis tried to "invent" a new game and the whole thing went off half-cocked.  [:-]


chaosmanor -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/30/2012 6:31:13 PM)


ORIGINAL: tdh777
... this "skyscrapers" strikes me as something where someone at Conceptis tried to "invent" a new game and the whole thing went off half-cocked.  [:-]

Actually, I've seen this sort of puzzle before, and at least two years ago. I am pretty sure that this showed up in a National Puzzlers League contest, as well as the International Puzzle Championships. As it was vaguely familiar, I had a bit of an advantage, otherwise, I would have had trouble figuring out what we were supposed to do.

Now if only I was able to actually solve the medium freebies this week [:(][:o] No matter what I try, I am forced to use guess-work at some point. This certainly does not make me want to try anything harder! I am not so sure that another clue isn't needed to make the mediums actually "medium".

lekahe -> RE: Skyscrapers (10/30/2012 7:33:36 PM)

I have seen skyscraper puzzles years ago in Janko -website.

The text is in German, but you can use Google Translate. Like the introduction says, they don't know who invented these puzzles. The player on the site has copyright between 2003-2012.

Did you all read at least the basics on skyscraper techniques or check the tutorial. For me the puzzles were challenging, but understandable. I am still working on the hard ones, but I am very excited about them!


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