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Feidhlim -> Can't save my preferences... (10/20/2012 6:13:11 AM)

I've been a fan for years and never had this problem before, but all my preferences (sound off, colors, autocomplete the boring bits etc) have suddenly disappeared and won't re-save. When I exit and return they're all back to Conceptis default again.

We've had a few powercuts this week (bad weather and flooding) and I've had to F2 at start-up a couple of times because my computer re-set itself to 2004. What files do I look for to check for Conceptis damage, please? Or any other suggestions? I had to re-install the latest Adobe Flash, btw, but I don't think this is the same as your other member's problem.

dave -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/20/2012 6:20:24 PM)

Here are some suggestions from our techies:

- Open Flash Player Storage Settings panel:
- Locate in the Websites list and check whether it has at least 100 KB limit and Used hasn’t reach the Limit.
- If the previous step didn’t reveal any problem and settings are not saved, delete from the list and try reopening any puzzle and save settings. Again make sure that the limit for is set to 100 KB or higher.

There is also a known problem of one of the latest Flash Player versions that in Windows XP it requires the user to have administrator permissions to run properly on Internet Explorer. The solution here is either allow user administrator permissions or using alternative browser (Firefox/Chrome).

Hope this helps

Thanks, Dave

Feidhlim -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/20/2012 8:55:53 PM)

Hi Dave,

Nice to hear from you and thanks for replying. I went to the Flashplayer panel and Conceptis wasn't even listed! I've fixed that and you have plenty of room, so we'll see how it goes. You are right about me using XP and Explorer. I'll try with Firefox instead.

My mum says hello and she still hasn't made my Pic-a-Pix sweater. It's nearly a year now. I guess she's waiting till I stop growing.

Thanks again, from Feidhlim

Feidhlim -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/21/2012 7:11:56 PM)

Conceptis was working fine this morning but, Guess what?

We just lost power again for five minutes. When it came back on I came straight to Conceptis and yep- all my preferences have gone again, plus all my websites have disappeared from the Adobe storage settings panel. Wish I was old enough to swear.

dave -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/21/2012 11:39:27 PM)

Hi Feidhlim

It's great to hear your stories and anecdotes about saving preferences, power outages, and not being old enough to swear. If you keep this up you'll have lots of followers as age doesn't count on the internet. Just brains, and being nice in the old fashion way:)

Thanks, Dave

Puzzler125 -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/23/2012 8:05:54 AM)

I swore on my Facebook homepage yesterday, I was in a terrible mood, and I just learned something reading Feidhlm's post. I could have found a more creative outlet and now I'm embarrassed to look at my account.

Isn't it grand that Conceptis has players of all ages and world-wide?

Feidhlim -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/25/2012 4:44:42 PM)

This is getting creepy - now I appear to be registered as living in Afghanistan! I'm in Ireland!

I'm also using Firefox (but still XP) and getting a bit fed up with having to check all my details every time I switch on my computer. I thought it might be a low battery problem, but I'm getting the all clear for that.

Is there anything else I could try, or should I just ask my mum and dad for a laptop for my birthday?

Feidhlim -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/25/2012 5:27:50 PM)

I have re-set myself using my mum's PC - which I'm allowed to use for educational stuff. It is still XP and Explorer and same IP address. If this works, then it must be MY computer that is completely past its use-by date - and therefore, I really DO need a new one.

Can anyone see me in Ireland? Hi, Puzzler125, are you reading me? And thanks, btw.
Hi, Dave and Conceptis, I need suggestions. We have a wireless LAN but this has only happened since the power cuts last week so I really do think it's me and not something else on the network.

Puzzler125 -> RE: Can't save my preferences... (10/27/2012 4:49:21 PM)

You are very welcome, yes I'm seeing you! : )

Btw, I'm not in Afghanistan. I'm in the United States. Somehow I clicked on the wrong country.

Guess what? I have finished several hard and very hard puzzles this week. I'm getting so much better at different puzzles too!

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