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essoh -> Too Many Sudokus? (10/17/2012 7:18:58 PM)

I must say I love Sudoku puzzles, but do we really need 17 every week? Seems like a bit much when the other puzzles only have 6-10. Let's see more FAPs..

Puzzler125 -> RE: Too Many Sudokus? (10/19/2012 1:38:26 AM)

I agree with you and I'd love to see more fills. I have never been much of a fan of Sudoku, both on and offline, and six puzzles each week just isn't enough to satisfy my other puzzle cravings.

Feidhlim -> RE: Too Many Sudokus? (10/22/2012 12:00:41 AM)

There are loads of other Sudoku sites with unlimited free Sudoku puzzles so no real Sudoku fans will come to Conceptis for their puzzles. But, Sudoku is part of "The Package", and "The Package" has to appeal to everybody, so even though I would like to dump all the mazes and dots and slithers and instead see some really evil Advanced Fill-a-Pix I remember when I first joined (I was aged about eight, I think) and I needed the regular stuff to practise on. There will be other kids out in ConceptisLand who really love the range of puzzles on offer.

Puzzler125 -> RE: Too Many Sudokus? (10/22/2012 5:10:35 AM)

I made a list of every puzzle I've completed since I started buying the weekly packages in August and have detected a pattern or two. I complete very few "Very Hard" puzzles! I'm curious if I am less skilled or just get frustrated with puzzles that take me hours to complete.

Feidhlim -> RE: Too Many Sudokus? (10/22/2012 9:29:25 PM)

No such thing as less-skilled, just less-practised, but asking for help if you get stuck is good too. The forum has a page for help with puzzles. I'm home-schooled and my mum used Conceptis in my maths lessons (till I started to beat her best times [:D]) so I got 1-to-1 tuition right from the start. She always says it's like doing crossword puzzles, it takes time to get inside the other guy's head, so if I need help on a puzzle the first time I try it, I keep on doing the same puzzle till I "get inside" it.

Puzzler125 -> RE: Too Many Sudokus? (10/23/2012 8:02:43 AM)

Isn't creative learning the BEST! Bravo to your mom for using puzzles.

Years ago I decided I did want to learn all those odd words in crossword puzzles like nene (Hawaiian goose), and esne (I forgot at the moment what it is!), and other frequent words. I loved crosswords so much that eventually I participated in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament twice. It's a lot of fun to compete and socialize with a bunch of other puzzle aficionados. I hope to compete again when I move east.

I am determined to finish the fills, syms, and other very hards that I have started but not yet finished and tonight I finished one! My skills have definitely improved in the last week as I struggle to finish the very hards. The easy, medium, and medium plusses were a challenge once upon a time too.

It is quite satisfying to finish a hard or very hard puzzle; more satisfying than finishing an easy one.

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