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tlym -> Puzzle Themes (6/15/2012 6:02:28 PM)

What do you think about puzzle themes. For example movies, home, pets, etc.

Ginkgo100 -> RE: Puzzle Themes (6/18/2012 2:21:38 PM)

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean a series of puzzles with a theme?

ahb -> RE: Puzzle Themes (7/17/2012 3:31:19 AM)

I don't care what the final picture is, really... but, man, we need more iPhone sets!! Getting a bit tired of re-doing the same ones over and over...

btw, how about a "restart/erase all" so I don't have to click through each one!

dave -> RE: Puzzle Themes (7/19/2012 7:11:55 AM)

You can restart all puzzles at once by un-installing the app and re-installing it again.

Thanks, Dave

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