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mago66 -> Android Apps (2/3/2012 7:17:30 PM)

Please transfer those iOS Apps also for the Android world....

webakers3 -> RE: Android Apps (2/5/2012 7:17:44 AM)

Yes, please!

dave -> RE: Android Apps (2/5/2012 3:44:44 PM)

We will look at the Android market later on this year, after we release some more games for the iPhone and iPad. As any other company, we are always short on resources.

Thanks, Dave

webakers3 -> RE: Android Apps (2/5/2012 11:41:13 PM)

Thanks Dave. Us non-apple users would really appreciate it! Looking forward to being able to play your games anywhere I go. Love what you all do. Keep up the good work.

Ichneumon -> RE: Android Apps (1/14/2013 7:41:59 AM)

Adding a "me too please!"

ninnkan -> RE: Android Apps (2/11/2013 9:05:04 PM)

Yes please, Android Apps. I have been waiting for them since i bought my first Android-phone. I know lots of people without Apple-devices that would like to be able to play your great games on their phones/pads.

rachelahyde -> RE: Android Apps (2/28/2013 12:58:43 PM)

I recently bought a Kindle Fire hoping for some puzzles but there don't seem to be any apart from a wordsearch (I find these boring). Please don't just consider Android apps for Nexus etc, but Kindles too.

If anybody knows of any decent puzzle apps for the Kindle please let me know!

fetchund -> RE: Android Apps (3/22/2013 8:09:15 PM)

Ditto from me, too! These would be SO great on my new Nexus!

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