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Esreteip -> Playing off-line (11/28/2011 3:22:45 PM)

Usually, at home, I barely have enough leisure time to solve the puzzles in the free online section, so buying credits didn't seem to be necessary.
Since I am going on holiday shortly, and will not be on the internet unless staying near a WiFi spot, I am considering to buy some credits for some weekly packages, provided I can save them on my netbook. I read that solved puzzles can be saved, but does that apply also for saved, not yet solved puzzles? In that case I can each time start & save some puzzles from my package when I'm online and finish them when I'm offline.


dave -> RE: Playing off-line (11/28/2011 4:51:57 PM)

Hi Marianne

From the practical point of view our website puzzles can only be played while connected online. Our new generation of games for iPad and iPhone will enable playing offline as well.

Thanks, Dave

Esreteip -> RE: Playing off-line (11/28/2011 6:01:37 PM)

Hi Dave,
Tnx for your quick reply: since I have neither an Ipad nor Iphone yet, till that time buying credits will have to wait when I have more time to spent on puzzling.
Kind regards, Marianne

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