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aileencb7 -> Inappropriate Image? (12/31/2010 10:09:07 PM)

Is anyone else offended by the swastika above the doorway in this week's PAP #00290100372? It's the mirror image version, but it's still a swastika.

rmkujawa -> RE: Inappropriate Image? (1/1/2011 1:11:31 AM)

The reversed swastika is actually the original version (the Nazis were the one who reversed it) & is an asian symbol used to represent prosperity aand good fortune. So no, it would not be inappropriate.

lekahe -> RE: Inappropriate Image? (1/1/2011 8:41:28 AM)

In Japanese culture, the symbol is named Manji (the symbol of good),and it is used in several computer games.


Ginkgo100 -> RE: Inappropriate Image? (1/1/2011 4:38:06 PM)

Conceptis Puzzles Ltd. is an Israeli company, and I am sure it would never publish an image that promoted Nazism or anti-Semitism. As others pointed out, the symbol (also called the "gammadion" or "hooked cross") dates to Classical times, originally in the region of Pakistan and India, and did not have a meaning associated with hatred until the 20th century.

Ginkgo100 -> RE: Inappropriate Image? (1/1/2011 4:40:40 PM)

I just looked at the puzzle in question, and that is one of mine! It was never supposed to look like a swastika or even any symbol—just a piece of striped candy!

izakkay -> RE: Inappropriate Image? (1/1/2011 11:41:42 PM)

To me it looked like a fan.

I don't know what all the fuss is about.

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