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Coditor -> Bug in new Kakuro (11/16/2010 2:23:08 PM)

It's great that we can now time puzzles and that sound can be disabled in preferences and remembered for the next time. But in doing so, you've introduced a new bug in the Kakuro puzzles. The remainder is not shown properly; most of the time it's either empty or just 1 digit - perhaps the text no longer fits because of a fontchange and is now wrapped or completely hidden?

dave -> RE: Bug in new Kakuro (11/17/2010 3:33:26 AM)

I think this problem is just on your PC, as Kakuro Show Remainder works fine on mine. Please try clearing cache... this might help fixing the problem.

Thanks, Dave

Coditor -> RE: Bug in new Kakuro (11/17/2010 9:17:11 AM)

I have tried this on 2 different computers with both FireFox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8. Cleared cache (one of the PCs has FireFox setup not to cache anything at all) but no change.

lekahe -> RE: Bug in new Kakuro (11/17/2010 9:32:44 AM)

Dave, I Used Chrome and actually I have never solved Kakuros with this computer.
The remainders show for some numbers, and some others they don't. For example for 16 it shows only 1 not digit 6. 18 is fine. For 29 it shows 9, not digit 2 and for 33 it does not show anything.
Use a puzzle which is almost empty to try to see it happen.


dave -> RE: Bug in new Kakuro (11/17/2010 2:57:18 PM)

Hi Leena

Thanks for the explanation. I'm in Tokyo this week so didn't have time to check the details. I'll forward this issue to Nir.

Thanks, Dave

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