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KatyOlson -> Bringing Conceptis Puzzles to newspapers everywhere! (10/30/2008 7:43:56 PM)

Hi everyone,
As some fans may already know, King Features Syndicate currently distributes Conceptis puzzles to newspapers and Web pages all over the world. Well, we are going to be adding new puzzles to our lineup, and for use as part of an upcoming presentation it'd be great to hear what you think about puzzles. Is Sudoku an old favorite, or are you newly obsessed with Hashi? Have you developed the logical part of your brain as a result of your puzzle hobby? Maybe you've met new friends or fell in love with a fellow puzzler. I'd love to hear your stories!

lekahe -> RE: Bringing Conceptis Puzzles to newspapers everywhere! (11/2/2008 7:20:10 AM)

Hi Katy,

this is really good news! Newspapers made the Sudoku's famous; I hope this could be the start of a new addiction for sudoku fans!

My favourite is Pic-A-Pix and it will always be. We even have some PAPs in the weekend issue of one Finnish newspaper, but since they are not from Conceptis I have not bothered to do them.
I was a sudoku fan once, but they became a bit boring. Nevertheless, I always have some small sudoku magazine in my handbag to prevent boredom while I am waiting for something.

I am addicted to all the puzzles, the exception is Kakuro, and I think that is due to my profession as a math teacher. I rather do something else than add and subtract on my free time ;)

As for the last part of the question; I could write pages about the effect of puzzles in my life. I have got many friends trough these forums. I have even visited Rosa in Spain and she has been here in Finland. I have some people who I am chatting with occasionally and the addiction finally took me to Israel to see all these wonderful Conceptis people and found out that Israel is the most beautiful place on Earth and that the people who make the puzzles are so kind and friendly; not just nerds sitting behind their computers without caring about people :P

I have been writing my story in my blog ( ) and blogging has got me more and more new friends. To me this has been a mysterious journey and taken me virtually all over the world. My blogging has been a bit slow lately because I love the new website so much. If I have some time to spare I'll probably choose some puzzle to play instead of writing to my blog.

I think I have always had the locigal part of my brain very strong but the puzzles have definitely made it even better. They also calm me down. If I have worries and they are starting to take over my thoughts, puzzling will always erase the bad thoughts from my mind. My father died having Alzheimer's and I am trying to do all I can to prevent that happening to me. I definitely think that puzzles should be the common advice to avoid dementia but at least in Finland they have not really adopted that among the diets and exercise!

I am also doing my part to pass the word along. I have the second time a chance to teach Japanese puzzles to my students (adults) and they are really thrilled to learn. The course is just starting but from last year I can say that this is one of the courses the students will not drop out. Last year some were complaining that they got too addicted and had trouble going to sleep instead of doing the puzzles :)


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