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izakkay -> Historic nonogram (9/7/2007 8:48:19 PM)

In the introduction to the Sunday Telegraph Books of Griddlers they mention that one of the earlest known examplesw of this art puzzle form, titled Stephenson's Train was published in Italy in 1925.

This is the link to my color adaptation of this historic nonogram:


It would be nice to know what other members think of this. If there is any interest in this kind of puzzle it would be possible for other members to submit puzzles of this kind and they could be carried in a folder titled 'Historical Puzzles'.

Wishing you all a good weekend ans as usual

Happy Solving!


sharonella -> RE: Historic nonogram (9/7/2007 9:24:26 PM)

Isaac - I can't open this file - is it available in PDF form? I don't do the other versions of puzzles.


izakkay -> RE: Historic nonogram (9/7/2007 10:33:44 PM)

Hi Sharonella,

I only have it in PicPuz format.


lekahe -> RE: Historic nonogram (9/7/2007 10:41:46 PM)

The original puzzle has been discussed before
and it was B/W.


sharonella -> RE: Historic nonogram (9/7/2007 10:44:19 PM)

Thanks anyway!


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