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3 new books every logic puzzle fan in America should have

Thursday, October 21, 2010 3 new books every logic puzzle fan in America should have

Having no regular magazines on the market, North American puzzle fans will be delighted to hear 3 new books with Conceptis puzzles are now available in the USA and Canada. Containing a chockfull collection of Pic-a-Pix (aka Paint-by-Numbers and Logic Art), Sum Sudoku (aka Killer Sudoku) and Link-a-Pix (aka Paint-by-Pairs and Enigma) the books are published by Puzzlewright Press, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co. and available for International ordering through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Picturesque Paint-doku

Picturesque Paint-doku

Picturesque Paint-doku (click for larger view)

Picturesque Paint-doku (ISBN: 978-1402775734) is a 96 page book offering an assortment of 96 B&W Pic-a-Pix puzzles in all sizes and difficulty levels. It is the 2nd book dedicated to Conceptis Pic-a-Pix, following Paint-doku - a compilation of Pic-a-Pix puzzles published in 2007.

Picturesque Paint-doku is scheduled for release on November 2, 2010 and is already available for pre-order online through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. From Amazon product description:

"It's now possible to paint pictures as pretty as any by Monet or van Gogh without even having to pick up a brush-just use your mind! Put those logic skills to use on these paint-doku puzzles from the mind-boggling geniuses at Conceptis Puzzles. Puzzle lovers start with blank canvases that have numbered rows and columns; these numbers are the key to determining which squares to shade in. When solvers have cracked the code, they'll have “painted” an octopus, Albert Einstein's portrait, a Brazilian carnival celebration, and more."

Killer Sudoku: The Lethally Addictive Sudoku Variant

Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku (click for larger view)

Another interesting pre-release by Puzzlewright Press for the Sum Sudoku fans among us is Killer Sudoku (ISBN: 978-1402771866). This 160 page book contains 120 Sum Sudoku puzzles by Conceptis in easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.

Killer Sudoku is scheduled for release on November 5, 2010 and is also available for pre-order online through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. From Amazon product description:

"Sudoku for the brave of heart! Sharp-minded solvers willing to venture into dangerous puzzle territory will find satisfaction navigating these killer sudoku. Each one looks like a regular sudoku, but with a challenging twist: there are also additional boxes surrounding sets of squares. Those boxes contain tiny numbers that tell you the sum of the digits inside the box. It's a brain-stretching variation that will delight sudoku fans everywhere."

Link-up Paint-doku

Link-up Paint-doku

Link-up Paint-doku (click for larger view)

And lastly, if you’re craving for more Link-a-Pix in print, Link-up Paint-doku (ISBN: 978-1402755231) is the first book by Puzzlewright Press dedicated to Link-a-Pix puzzles.

With 160 pages containing 129 Color Link-a-Pix puzzles in all sizes and difficulty levels as well as a set of color pencils, this book is available for online order through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. From Amazon product description:

"Conceptis has done it again—proving it still rules as the world’s leading developer of picture-logic puzzles. Link-Up Paint-doku offers a new way to train the brain and have fun too. Simply connect pairs of like numbers with a path that uses the same number of squares and shade them in; so two 2’s next to each other can be colored in right away. But rather than using a plain pencil, pick up one of the six colored ones we’ve included and color the path to match the numbers. Suddenly, leaps of logic become artistic leaps, as a multi-hued picture emerges, perfect for showing off your puzzle skills. Each teaser tests your mental mettle with the promise of a visual treat at the end."

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