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Facebook Like lets you vote on your favorite Conceptis puzzle types

Thursday, July 22, 2010 Facebook Like lets you vote on your favorite Conceptis puzzle types

A new feature allowing all Facebook users to instantly vote (“Like”) and comment on their favorite puzzle types on conceptispuzzles.com is now available in the Get started section. With the new feature you can also post comments simultaneously on the desired puzzle page as well as on your Facebook profile. For example, if Pic-a-Pix is your favorite type of puzzle, you can now easily share your thoughts or recommend it to your Facebook friends.

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Additionally, you can see which of your Facebook friends shares the same favorite puzzle types as you. The Like option is also featured on all puzzle family resource pages including Rules, Tutorial, Techniques, Interactive, Tips and History. Lastly, we've included the option to Like and Comment on our Articles, Fan stories and News, an example of which you can see on the lower part of this page.

To start voting, go to your favorite puzzle pages under Get started (for example, Sudoku), scroll down and click the "Like" button. To post a comment and share it on your Facebook profile, type your message inside the comment box leaving the "Post comment to my Facebook profile" option checked and click "Post". Thank you for your support!

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