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Armafobe -> Need help with a mind breaking Fill-a-Pix puzzle (6/14/2019 12:08:34 AM)

Okay so I've been on this one for more than 2 hours and I seriously can't finish it :'(. I sometimes had to just guess and check but I want to be sure so if someone can help me continue it, I hope I can improve on advanced logic puzzles. Thanks a lot o/


Admin -> RE: Need help with a mind breaking Fill-a-Pix puzzle (6/14/2019 8:25:18 AM)

Take a look at the big red circle in the attachment. The 6 in the center is missing two black squares. However, any way you will place those two missing squares this will satisfy the requirement of the 5 on the right. This means the empty square above the 6 (in the small red circle) must be blank. After this you can proceed with some more simple steps.

Thanks, Dave


Cricket1001 -> RE: Need help with a mind breaking Fill-a-Pix puzzle (7/6/2019 3:02:39 PM)

First, I wish I could view the pic of the puzzle while I am texting so I can remember some of the questions I have.
I am confused with the answer given because it looks like that the 6 that is circled in the middle of the puzzle actually only needs 1 more box to fill in. I counted 5 associated boxes that were filled in. But with or without that factor, how do you know which box to fill in? I don’t see a box that would have to be filled in. This is where I get stuck in puzzles. Where from what I see there is no definitive box to fill in. I love doing these puzzles but I get so frustrated because I get so stuck all the time.
Thanks! I’m sure I’m missing something. I want to badly to learn how to complete harder puzzles. I can only finish the easier ones.

Talihoe -> RE: Need help with a mind breaking Fill-a-Pix puzzle (7/7/2019 4:51:36 PM)

Dave's response is correct. In the center of the large red circle look at the 6 in the white square. It needs 2 squares to be filled. No matter where you fill those 2 squares, it will satisfy the requirement for the 5 immediately to the right (between the two 6s) as it also needs 2 squares filled. That means the square above the 6 to the right of the 5 (the 6 that is filled and is inside the small red circle) must be empty. In this case you don't know what is filled but you know what must be empty. From there you can determine a cell that must be filled. The challenge with the harder puzzles is that you must work 2 or more clues together to find a solution. Look for what must be empty as well as what must be filled. I hope this helps. Keep trying...


Armafobe -> RE: Need help with a mind breaking Fill-a-Pix puzzle (7/7/2019 6:44:37 PM)

Yeah, thank you all guys, it helped me really fine, I finished it but sometimes I get really stuck on hard advanced puzzles and can’t move on :(

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