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Feidhlim -> Swapping unwanted puzzles (11/29/2013 5:40:53 PM)

I remember some posts on the forum about members swapping puzzles they've bought, that they don't want and have never played, with other members who've bought different puzzles they don't want, etc.

To be honest, I remember my mom telling me about it because, at the time, I was too young to read. This was in The Olden Days when Conceptis gave out T-shirt prizes every week and I was a size Small. Now it is several years later, I can read but I can't find the posts or threads for advice, and, just in case Conceptis has any T-shirts left, I'm a size Large.

Slitherlink, for example. I hate Slitherlink, it's boring! I solved about 20 puzzles and have over 400 of the horrible things left that I've never done and never intend to do. I also hate Kakuro, and I grew out of Dot-A-Pix and Maze-A-Pix about the same time as I grew out of my Finding Nemo pyjamas. On the other hand, I love Fill-A-Pix, Battleships, Calcudoku and Skyscrapers.

So, please, Conceptis:

(1)Is swapping puzzles with other members permitted?

(2)And if so, how?

gilg -> RE: Swapping unwanted puzzles (12/2/2013 6:15:38 AM)

The Terms of Purchase of Conceptis Credits state that you may not forward or provide the puzzles to others in any format. Quote:

"By purchasing puzzles in the Play online section, Conceptis grants you and your household a license to use them on a personal basis for as long as this website exists. You can print and play online as many times as you want but you may not forward or provide puzzles to others in any format or allow any other person to log in and play under your username."

To view the complete Terms of Purchase document click 'Proceed to purchase Credits' here.

Feidhlim -> RE: Swapping unwanted puzzles (12/2/2013 8:22:01 PM)

Dear Gilg, thanks for your reply. You totally missed the point! I won't be back!

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