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Puzzler125 -> Spreading the word at hotels (8/16/2013 4:12:02 AM)

For both positive and negative reasons I have spent a bunch of nights in a hotel this calendar year.

As a matter of fact my laptop (8 years old, no biggie) and PC (4 yrs and wanted a new laptop anyway) have died or are dying and I am on a hotel PC. I leave this site when I get up from here and hope it encourages others to try the site. People watch over my shoulder, which is fine with me, and I explain the puzzle I'm currently working on and then show other puzzles on the site.

People are intrigued by the variety of puzzles, love the idea of a free puzzle in each category each week, and are very glad to hear they will not get bombarded with spam if they sign up for Conceptis!

dave -> RE: Spreading the word at hotels (8/23/2013 12:28:14 PM)

Hi Puzzler125

Thanks for the thumbs-up and helping promote our website. And you're right, we don't bombard our users with spam or any other type of emails.

Thanks, Dave

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