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Feidhlim -> This week's Mega FAP (7/19/2013 12:03:46 PM)

There is no way this week's Mega Fill-a-Pix is Advanced Logic. It was way too easy! You must have labelled it wrong.

Feidhlim -> RE: This week's Mega FAP (7/20/2013 1:02:17 AM)

I've been tracking the average times (OK, I admit I'm a bit nerdy!) and at this stage, with 29 finishers, the average time for a "Very Hard" Advanced Mega FAP is usually about 4 to 4.5 hours. The first few fastest finishers usually have only 20-30 mins between them; then you usually see a jump where it looks like people who started off on the easier puzzles move on to the Mega. But today's times are not at "very hard" level.

So it's not just me - we are all finding it easier than usual.

dave -> RE: This week's Mega FAP (7/20/2013 10:08:44 PM)

Hi Feidhlim

Thanks for the feedback, we'll take a look and see what happened.

We checked, and the puzzle in question is indeed Advanced Logic. However, it contains less Advanced Logic steps than usual and that's why you found it easier. The number of Advanced Logic steps depends on several factors including the style and the content of the picture itself and this can cause a range of difficulty levels. In case you are not happy with this puzzle please let us know and we will be happy to delete the transaction and reimburse the credits.

Cheers, Dave

volokev -> RE: free games (7/26/2013 11:11:20 AM)

Since I have been paying for credits I have noticed that the free games each week are all very easy. What happened to the medium and hard freebies we used to get ?

Feidhlim -> RE: This week's Mega FAP (7/27/2013 1:55:32 PM)

Hi Dave. That's OK. I found your extra free "hardest ever" FAP in this week's news so I'm happy.

Actually, I'm not that happy because my mum tried it too and she beat me by 14 minutes! Curses! Beaten by my mother! [:@] Now I'm going to have to sit here all afternoon and replay it over and over till I'm under 50mins! It's horrible being the youngest of a smart family.

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