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chaosmanor -> Color in Link-a-Pix puzzles (5/14/2009 4:47:57 PM)

While I cannot vote on the current Facebook poll (I'm not a member and have no interest in joining Facebook), I can read the comments.  One of them suggested color FaPs; someone else said that that would not work.  However, there *is* a way to do a 2-color FaP puzzle: put two numbers, one of each color, in the square. 

Example: red and black, which is a common combination here.  If there are three red squares and four black squares among the nine squares in question, put this inside the square: 3,4.  Or separate them with a slash, much as a Kakuro puzzle does.  A good way to test how effective this would be is to devise a Basic Logic puzzle with one area of the second color: say a yellow sun shining

Hope this idea merits a serious look: no charge [:)]

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